Buffaloswap layer 3 - HORN

Buffaloswap aims to provide a fair, sustainable and safe yield farm optimizer for everyone.

Core team

In terms of investing in a DeFi project, the most important thing is not to be rug-pulled. Through BuffaloSwap Layer1-BUFF and Layer2-REDBUFF, we've shown the users another success story which has given us more credibility. The team has done KYC HERE​


After analysing hundreds of competitors, we took the best of each and discarded the bad or the features that were not sustainable or appreciated by the community. The result is buffaloswap.org which improves the tokenomics at each layer!

HORN Features

Automatic Liquidity & no burning

Each transfer of HORN must pay a 2.99% transfer tax which will be added to the liquidity pool through the contract to raise the price floor continuously; There is no BURN of HORN.
And the liquidity will be locked and inaccessible for 2 months.

No Harvest lockup

Harvest your HORN whenever you want guys!

Anti Whale

Transfer more than 0.5% of the total supply will be rejected. As the total supply grows, this ratio will be reduced.

No Migrator Code

The migrator code in the MasterChef contract has been removed.

Referral Program

An on-chain referral program has been implemented to incentivize users to invite friends to join the farming. Inviters can earn 5% of his/her friends' earnings forever.


HORN token arrives with his batch of NFTs that you will be able to collect and trade. Each NFTs is unique.
Last modified 1yr ago